Diamond manufacturing process:

  • Rough Diamond Analysis and Assortment
  • Rough Diamond Planning and Marking
  • Cleaving and Sawing
  • Bruting
  • Polishing and Grading

Rough Diamond Analysis and Assortment

  • This is the initial stage of diamond manufacturing process. In this process expert checkers analyzes the rough diamond and its characteristics are determined.
  • These characteristics are based on color, clarity, carat, cut. After deciding 4 C’s, it is given a grade, which represents overall quality of the rough diamond.

Rough Diamond Planning and Marking

  • Cleaving and sawing are the two different processes that come after the rough diamond is planned and marked.
  • The rough is analyzed and sent to either cleaving or sawing department. A rough diamond needs to be broken into parts. That can be done through either of the method.
  • Cleaving is done manually with hammer, which split rough diamond into two or more parts.
  • If the diamond needs sawing, then it is sent to sawing department. Laser technology is the latest and most advanced technology for sawing. Laser technology gives very accurate result. Planner rechecks the diamond after this process is complete.


  • The next step in the diamond processing is giving shape to the stone.many things. He should keep in mind the yield after Bruting and also that the diamond doesn’t break.
  • This gives shape to diamond in a way so that maximum yield can be taken. The bruter has to take care of

Polishing and Grading

  • Polishing is the final step in the diamond manufacturing process. Here the diamond is given the final look.
  • The polisher is very careful at this process because a small mistake can result into quality loss of the diamond. decision on quality. Here the 4 C’s of diamonds are decided and given grade according to international quality standards.

Infrastructure for manufacturing


  • We have deployed most advanced machineries and tools for diamond manufacturing.
  • We have talented and knowledgeable people at our premises. We have imported machineries for all the processes from reputed companies like Sarin, OGI
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