Sale System

1. In parishi diamond sale is being carried all over world including it plays important role in Local diamond market also.

2. Well highly qualified staff and sales person:
  •  Maintain custom orientation.
  •  Good co-operation.
  •  Well co-ordination.

3. Diamond selection criteria:
  •  In this our system is actively works by offering our worldwide customers across all time zones.
  •  For effective online viewing of new inventory.
  •  Continuous updating of stock.
  •  Our stock is continuously updated on rapnet, on website.

4. Online search.

5. We can also provide in house buying and look and bid facilities.

6. Services :
  •  We give opportunity to customers and give time to check the stones and to know the best quality of our stones.
  •  We provide authentic certificates.
  •  Facility of laser inscription.
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