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PARISHI DIAMOND has been established in 2007, Parishi Diamond is a fast-growing Diamond Processing Company. PARISHI DIAMOND is Manufacturer, Retailer and Wholesaler Company.

Parishi Diamond the company who is pioneered and using latest techniques, implementing newer ideas, cost & manpower management was founded in 2007, and started loose diamond business, under the Brand name of PARISHI. It has been a major experience in loose diamond in Round and Fancy Shape, the company has set so many new quality standards.

Establishers of the company Mr.Jigar Shah and Mr Nikhil Shah are dedicated to business since YEAR 2007. They are consolidating the business together over the years by their cautious approach and have developed a strong goodwill in the trade.

PARISHI DIAMOND has completed the successful integration of purchasing, manufacturing, marketing and sales. Programs for continued improvement in our manufacturing facilities - both in the use of technology and the training of our people are a constant factor in the organization.

The company has a unique grading system, which comply with the international standards. The company can provide international certification of grading on customer demand from reputed laboratories like GIA (Gemological Institute of America), IGI (International Gemological Institute),or other of customers choice. The system also will help the clients in the selection of their specified requirements.

PARISHI DIAMOND is known for its flawless cut, consistency in assortment and for its commitment to stringent quality and perfection.

PARISHI DIAMOND has been a leading diamond manufacturer, importer and exporter of polished diamonds. Presently, the firm exports to USA, Europe, Japan, South East Asia, Israel, UAE all over world wide.

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